Systems with functional reliability according to IEC 61511

In the process industry, with its often extremely complex and critical processes, failures and mistakes can have dire consequences - for man, the environment, the machine and the plant alike. In order to eliminate process-related sources of danger and to minimize risks, BST relies on the powerful and reliable Saftey Instrumented Systems from Siemens. Siemens offers a comprehensive, modular SIS solution based on innovative products, systems and standards for safety-related, fault-tolerant and high-available applications in the process industry: SIMATIC Safety Integrated. In conjunction with SIMATIC PCS 7, powerful, flexible solutions for integrated automation and safety applications can be implemented in a continuous automation network.

SIMATIC Saftey Integrated is already harmoniously integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. The integration of safety technology into standard automation results in a reduction in space requirements, hardware and wiring scope as well as assembling, installation and engineering effort. Additional expenses, such as those incurred with separate safety controllers due to considerable integration services in the DCS, are avoided by the homogeneous integration with PCS 7. This results in significant cost savings over the life cycle of the plant.

Security in the realization!

The realization phase is characterized by the selection of the technology and the architecture, the definition of the inspection and test intervals, the design and installation of the SIS and the commissioning. BST uses the Siemens F-block library in S7 F Systems and the SIMATIC Safety Matrix for the configuration and programming of the S7-400FH controllers. With the S7 F Systems engineering tool, the BST engineers create the parameterization of the S7-400FH systems and the safety-related F modules from the ET 200 range. The F-block library integrated in S7 F Systems contains ready-made function blocks for creating safety-related applications with the CFC or the thereon based SIMATIC Safety Matrix. The TÜV-certified F-blocks are very robust and catch program errors such as division by zero or value overflow.

The SIMATIC Safety Matrix, which can be used as an add-on to CFC, is an innovative Safety Lifecycle Tool from Siemens that can be used for the convenient configuration of safety applications as well as for their operation and service. Based on the proven principle of a cause & effect matrix, it is ideally suited for processes in which defined states require certain safety reactions.

The BST team uses these tools to optimally adapt the fail-safe processes to customer and plant requirements. This ensures safe operation and takes into account the protection of people, plants and the environment.

Systems with functional reliability