BST uses SIMIT, the open platform for testing SIMATIC application software. By simulating the process behavior, the correct function of SIMATIC automation can be ensured. The result: more planning reliability and on-time delivery, fewer costs and risks - for significantly higher budget loyalty while reliably complying with the required quality standards. Three factors play a key role in the realization of each plant: compliance with agreed quality standards, costs and time. While the systems are becoming ever more individual, the expectations grow simultaneously at high availability and efficiency from the start. Today, changes and extensions extend far into the operating phase. The result is more complex projects, shorter time frames and more work at costly times - whether at night or at weekends. With SIMIT as a test platform for SIMATIC application software, BST engineers provide a comprehensive, scalable range of services - from simulating the SIMATIC CPU with simple signals at the I / O level to the interaction of SIMATIC automation with replication of processes of any complexity.

Commissioning in the office

SIMIT can be connected directly to the automation system and supplies it with true-to-original process data. This makes it possible to check the automation in the office for its correct function - just like during commissioning on site. The result: The automation software is delivered to the construction site in a defined quality level - virtually ready for action.

No loads on the system mechanics

SIMIT relies on plant replicas. The commissioning of the automation software takes place without the "real" system - and thus without unnecessary burden on the mechanical components. Even faults that cannot be physically tested in the system due to their high potential for danger to humans and machines can be reproduced as often as desired with SIMIT.

No disruption to ongoing operation

SIMIT makes it possible to perform and test software changes independently of the real system. The sophisticated solution can then be installed absolutely smoothly during scheduled downtimes - without any negative effects on ongoing operation.

SIMIT as the basis for operator training

SIEMENS SIMIT enables cost-effective solutions for operator training in which the process image is mapped in the simulation kernel by the help of process engineers. The system operators, decoupled from the real system, can test critical scenarios and drive through them safely.