Service, training and maintenance

System concepts, selection and evaluation of components

We will create a detailed concept for your plant automation. Our specialists always ensure the efficiency of the processes and compliance with legal regulations. We also advise you on the selection of suitable components so that your project is a sure success.

PLC programming and SCADA / HMI engineering

Our specialists support you with programming activities in relation to your programmable logic controllers (PLC). We also design HMI and SCADA solutions for machine-level visualization as well as the acquisition, analysis and long-term archiving of process data.

Support for legacy systems

Thanks to their many years of expertise in the field of automation, our engineers have extensive know-how with regard to older automation systems (e.g. S5, S7, Teleperm M). Of course, we also offer you competent support here.

Migration from legacy systems

The rapid technical progress often leads to new demands on the automation systems. In some cases, this requires the migration of older systems to modern, future-proof plant automation (e.g. from Teleperm M to PCS 7). The migration to a newer technology sometimes also offers the opportunity for savings and optimization. We would be happy to help you with your migration project and to provide you with advice and support.

Connection to ERP and MES

The consistency of data along all company levels has become a strong competitive factor. The contextualization of data from different areas of the company provides new insights and opportunities for process optimization. We help you to implement a data exchange between your plant automation and other areas such as the ERP system or an MES.


We offer our customers professional support when commissioning process systems. On request, we take over the detailed documentation and planning of the project. The commissioning and subsequent optimization work take place in coordination and cooperation with the customer, taking into account the ongoing plant operation. Optionally, commissioning can also be carried out by the customer or the plant operator. In this case we are happy to help with the preliminary planning and are available at any time if you have any questions or problems.


In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of new or restructured systems, competent personnel for operating the system are essential. At our training courses, your employees acquire the knowledge necessary to ensure optimal plant operation.


Qualified and regular maintenance increases operational safety and extends the life of a system. Our trained staff offers you a comprehensive maintenance service that enables you to continuously optimize your system.

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