Security concepts

In the process industry with its complex and critical processes, it is important to avoid fatal consequences for people, the environment and machines, which could be caused by possible failures or errors in plant operation.

To eliminate and reduce risk from process-related sources of danger, our team relies on the Safety Instrumented Systems from Siemens, which have proven themselves to be efficient and reliable for many years. SIMATIC Safety Integrated provides a comprehensive, modular SIS solution for safety-related, fault-tolerant and highly available applications in the process industry, which is based on innovative products, systems and standards.

Since this is already harmoniously integrated in the PCS 7 control system, users benefit from reduced requirements for:

  • Space
  • Hardware and wiring
  • Assembly, installation and engineering

The often significant integration efforts for separate security controls are no longer necessary, so that significant cost savings can be achieved over the entire life cycle of the system.

Based on individual customer and plant requirements, our engineers plan and implement a safety concept for your plant automation that takes into account the protection of people, the environment and machines.

Do you need advice on the safety concept of your plants or are you looking for a competent partner for an upcoming project? We are happy to help you and look forward to your inquiry.