Process simulation

Since changes and expansions of plants now extend well into the operating phase, corresponding projects are often very complex and involve tight timekeeping and costly working hours - for example at night or on weekends. The open SIMIT simulation platform from Siemens provides a comprehensive, scalable range of services for SIMATIC user software, with the help of which the process behavior of plants can be simulated to ensure that the automation functions correctly.

The advantages are apparent:

  • Greater planning security and adherence to delivery dates
  • Reduction of costs and risks
  • Better compliance with quality standards
  • Greater budget compliance

Especially in times of increasing individuality of a plant and growing expectations regarding a constant high availability and efficiency, simulation offers many possibilities to meet these new requirements.

Commissioning in the office

On the one hand, SIMIT can be connected directly to the automation system and supplies it with true-to-original process data (hardware-in-the-loop). On the other hand, the automation system itself can also be simulated by using a software controller (software-in-the-loop). These methods ensure that the automation can be checked for correct function in the office and not only during commissioning on site. This has the advantage that the automation software is delivered to the construction site in a defined quality level, which greatly speeds up commissioning.

No stress on the plant mechanics

SIMIT simulates the plant. The commissioning of the automation software therefore takes place without the "real" plant - and thus without unnecessary stress on the mechanical components. Even malfunctions that cannot be tested in the plant due to their high hazard potential for humans and machines can be reproduced as often as desired with SIMIT.

No disruption to ongoing operations

SIMIT allows software changes to be carried out and tested independently of the real plant. The mature solution can then be installed smoothly during planned downtimes - without negative effects on ongoing operations.

SIMIT as the basis for operator training

SIMIT enables cost-effective, realistic training for plant operators even before a plant is actually put into operation. The process image is mapped in the simulation core by the process engineers, so that plant operators can test critical scenarios decoupled from the real plant and practice them safely.

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