Process control technology

The process control system (PCS) is the clock generator of your plant. It controls and monitors the processes and digitizes them down to the field level. Flexibility, security and maximum efficiency are particularly important here. For this reason, we have been relying on the proven SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system from Siemens for many years, which, in addition to the properties mentioned, is particularly characterized by its innovation, scalability and very high availability. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner, our team has many years of know-how and the skills necessary to implement every individual customer requirement.

We specialize in the PLS SIMATIC PCS 7 and its optional add-on packages, such as:
SIMATIC Route Control
Automated route management - An industry-neutral tool for project planning, control, monitoring and diagnosis of routes for liquid and solid substances.
Simatic_Batch SIMATIC Batch
Standard-compliant, effective automation of batch processes - thanks to a modular architecture and steplessly scalable hardware and software, suitable for use in small pilot plants as well as in production plants of any size.
Fail-safe automation systems ("F systems") S7 F / FH for plants with increased safety requirements. Functional safety is primarily implemented in the software through safety functions. These are carried out by S7 F / FH Systems to bring the plant into a safe state or to keep it in a safe state if a dangerous event occurs.
Simatic_Safety_Matrix SIMATIC Safety Matrix
Comprehensive tool for safety engineering and management for the fail-safe automation systems S7 F / FH Systems It supports all phases of the safety lifecycle.

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