Manufacturing Operations Management

The digital age influences the most diverse areas of our lives and also grants a multitude of new possibilities and opportunities in the area of the manufacturing industry. Key technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or cloud technology offer the potential for innovative, mostly data-driven functions and services in manufacturing. Today, medium-sized companies in particular are faced with the challenge of successfully digitizing their own - often paper-based - production in order to meet the increasing customer requirements (e.g. greater variety of variants, lot size 1, etc.) and to manage the increasing complexity in production.

A modern Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is suitable for implementing the digital transformation in the manufacturing area. It focuses on the digitization of production processes and information with the aim of maximizing efficiency and transparency in production. As a certified Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner, we are qualified as experts in this field and would be happy to support you in your individual transformation process. With the MOM solution Siemens Opcenter, we offer you a scalable platform for the complete digitization of manufacturing operations. Its modular structure enables individual (functional) requirements to be taken into account, so that we offer you a tailor-made solution that can always be expanded with additional functionalities if required. As a result, you can quickly implement future ideas and innovations.

Among other things, Siemens Opcenter includes a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which enables real-time process monitoring, control and orchestration of production processes. Thanks to a unique platform approach, existing solutions (developed in-house or by third-party providers) can be easily integrated into a modern software architecture. Isolated applications with different interfaces and redundancy are a thing of the past. Also, the complexity and the necessary maintenance of production-related IT solutions are reduced. This makes processes both more transparent and more efficient and contributes to a higher profitability of your company.

Siemens Opcenter also provides a solution for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). This supports your production planning by means of algorithm-based optimization. In this way you can generate production plans and compare different scenarios with each other within a few seconds. The optimization takes place on the basis of defined target criteria (e.g. reduction of set-up times). Furthermore, the specific planning know-how of your employees can be digitally mapped and taken into account in the planning. Daily challenges such as system failures can therefore be dealt with more efficiently, which results in avoiding unnecessary downtimes. By using APS, you benefit from a gain in transparency and efficiency, and you get really actionable schedules that improve your delivery reliability.

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