Manufacturing Operations Management

The desire for integrated solutions in the production world has led the BST team to create individual systems for batch-oriented production processes. Since BST was founded, we have always created applications according to the requirements of our customers with high-level language tools such as C++ and VB, nowadays including .net.

With the SIMATIC IT partnership we want to further harmonize these processes in order to place parts of the solutions that we developed individually on a reusable basis. In addition, the Manufacturing Operations Management environment offers BST engineers a solution that optimizes the business processes they have been working on and creates many synergies with the familiar tasks. The solutions include classic data collectors with complex reporting functions for a clear overview of process flow. On the other hand, complete process control systems are installed, with a complete data model of the entire plant and all production specifications, recipe parameters and plant details. Multiple interfaces to enterprise resource planning systems provide a complete view of production to help you make the right decisions with the right information. This depth of integration with a standard product ensures the customer a high investment security and independence.

MOM Further information can be obtained from the
Siemens Solution Center.