BST building

The office in Brunsbüttel at Eddelaker Str. 137


Not far from the chemical park in Brunsbüttel, just outside Hamburg, the predecessor of today's BST Buck Systemtechnik GmbH was founded in 1989. In the first smaller projects in the chemical field, the engineers around the founder and owner Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Buck quickly focused on process control tasks for the chemical and process engineering industry. The focus is still on this sector today.

The BST team quickly gained knowledge about batch-oriented and continuous production processes through the requirements of its customers. The application of SIMATIC Batch from Siemens in particular has become a specialty of the engineers from Dithmarschen. The discontinuation of the well-proven TELEPERM M control system has opened up another business area for BST employees, which enables the migration of existing systems to the successor system SIMATIC PCS 7.

In particular, the narrow time frame for migration projects and the requirements from the customer environment led to the BST specialists having created another pillar in simulation technology. The type of simulation they use is based on the fact that created user programs can be intensively pre-tested with this intermediate step and the conversion time windows can be further reduced. Another use case is operator training centers, where users can be better prepared for modifications.

Tasks from the IT sector, which are closely connected with the process control technology, enabled the company founder to consolidate another base for the company. In the meantime, several IT specialists are working on the realization of database applications from Microsoft Access to Oracle. In close cooperation with end customers, they implement a wide variety of applications in which extensive software development is required.

Due to the close collaboration with Siemens in the field of process control technology, it was self-evident that in 2003 BST also became a partner of Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management products. For example, a competence center for the laboratory information system SIMATIC IT Unilab was initially set up in Brunsbüttel. In this business area, our employees model requirements from the laboratory and implement them in terms of data technology. In addition, BST has already been able to implement other projects in the SIMATIC IT environment. Starting with simple historical data collectors and the presentation of the data by means of WEB technology up to complex interfaces in the SAP environment, the products from this software class were used successfully.

BST is not only successful in the chemical industry. Many projects have been implemented in various sectors with the Bremen division of the company. Starting with tasks in the automotive industry to automation projects in the food and beverage industry.

For the maintenance of the plants, our customer will then have a 24-hour service available 365 days a year. We will take you further.